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Carbon footprint is a way of measuring the CO2 emissions of our everyday activities

Everything we do contributes to a greater or lesser extent to looking after the planet

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Carbon footprint


Renovate your home

Did you know that renovating the outside walls and installations of your building can lead to energy savings between 30% and over 60%, as well as being eligible for European subsidies? Find out more about loans to make buildings greener. And don't forget to speak to your account manager to find out more about the advantages of applying for a green mortgage or even converting your own mortgage.

Install solar panels

With ECO leasing for photovoltaic panels, your company could promote the consumption of clean energy and help fight climate change. The savings on your energy bill would be around 30% per year. Find out more here. If you are interested in finding out more about the advantages of transforming your business by opting for self-consumption and renewable energy storage options, or obtaining more appropriate renewable thermal systems depending on your activity and sector, please contact your nearest office or go online. You may be able to benefit from grants linked to the Next Gen EU recovery funds.

Smart and sustainable investments

Did you know that you can join companies that carry out their activity sustainably, in line with your profile and at your own pace, and promote their development and profitability with your investment? Find out how here.

Switch to electric vehicles

With an electric vehicle you can considerably reduce the impact of your carbon footprint and contribute to improving air quality in the area around you. Discover the best ECO vehicle options for all kinds of needs here.

Small sustainable habits

At home, you can also adopt habits that contribute to a more sustainable world. Opting for local food, buying locally, recycling waste and controlling household energy consumption are small gestures that can reduce our ecological footprint.


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