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people cycle around Barcelona every day to go to work or their studies. City bike rental service Bicing and the extension of bike lanes have boosted cycling, with bicycle use rising


between 2014 and 2019. Nevertheless, cycling only represents 2,6% of daily journeys inside the cities.

In Copenhague, the European cycling capital,


of travel is done by bike, and the city wants to reach


in 2050, by what time it aims to have become carbon neutral.

Here, the RACC HolaBICI community aims to promote green mobility in cities. To this purpose, it has written a manifesto to place cycling at the centre of the agenda for future urban mobility. Sign it and give cycling a boost.

Do you know how to cycle around?


What is the ideal pressure for your bike’s tyres?

Between 30 and 50 psi / 2-3,5 bars for a mountain bike

Between 80 and 130 psi / 5.5-9 bars for a road bike

Both are correct

How long is the average electric bicycle’s autonomy?

Under 15 km

Between 15 and 100 km, depending on the range

Over 100 km

How much does a long-term bike rental cost?

€20 a month

€25 a month

€50 a month

How many kilometres of bike lanes and cycle paths are there in Barcelona?

500 km

1.500 km

2.000 km

What percentage of cyclists have had a scare while cycling in the last year?

3 in 10

5 in 10

8 in 10

At what age does it become compulsory to wear a helmet when on your bike?

Compulsory for under-16s on any kind of road

Compulsory for over-16s outside towns and cities

Both are correct


Do you want to have the best protection when riding a bike?

RACC Bicycle Assistance. The best protection when cycling.

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