All of ARA’s frontpages over the last ten years

The front page of ARA’s first 3,620 issues, in an interactive mosaic

1st January 2021

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Exhibition at the Palau Robert

ARA has, from the beginning, stood out for its monographic front pages, with great attention paid the them both conceptually and aesthetically. We have had artist editions (with Barceló, Perejaume, Plensa…) drawn by children, about comics – and we have also borne witness to key events in Catalonia, Spain and the world. The exhibition Les portades d’una dècada (Front pages of a decade) is on from 1st December to 31st January in the garden of the Palau Robert in Barcelona. It is a journey through those key moments through a selection of 68 front pages shown in large format.

Until 31st January 2021. More information


Auri Garcia Morera


Ricard Marfà


Idoia Longan - Jordi Guilleumas - Marc Funollet